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Our story

We are a new business formed of the two founding partners of Sartorelli’s – Christian and Magnus, and new partners - Claire and Aimée. Our new venture is Fire & Wine.

We set out to create a truly inclusive place, welcoming everyone and combining delicious Neapolitan-style pizza and boutique wines - two of our favourite things. Our vibe is relaxed and communal. Everyone and their dog is welcome. 

Our formula is quality and simplicity. Committed to quality, we make our sourdough and sauces using only the best ingredients and herbs. We also make delicious ice cream.

Sartorelli’s was launched in April 2020, and it now has two locations, one within Church Hanbrewery in New Yatt and the second in the historic Covered Market in Oxford. 

We're so excited to bring you Fire & Wine the home of Sartorelli’s in Milton-under-Wychwood. Pop in and say hi!

Claire & Aimée

Look for Peppe from Shipton Road in Milton under Wychwood
Aimee & Claire of Fire & Wine
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